The origins of the vine-growing and wine-producing history of Cyclades are lost in the mists of time. During antiquity, the merchant ships were sailing from these islands in order to transmit the practices of wine consumption to the entire Mediterranean area.


Assyrtiko has made Santorini famous to the whole world. The island constitutes one of the most important regions for the production of PDO wines. Τhe vines grow in a very particular way, taking the shape of a skep in order to be protected from the winds. Nychteri is one of the most popular wines, produced from a blend of Assyrtiko, Aidani and Athiri. Moreover, the sweet wine Vinsanto, produced from a blend of grape varieties dried in the sun, is conquering rapidly the Greek and mainly the international market.


The red variety Mandilaria and the white Monemvasia (which gives the famous Malvasia wine) are predominant in the vineyards of Paros. Τhe red wine of Paros is distinguished for its velvet touch, and the white wine of the island for its balanced taste.



From antiquity until the present day, Rhodes plays a leading role in the region’s wine production. The island produces some of the oldest PDO wines, most known of which are Mandilaria and Athiri. The sweet wine Moscato Rodos comes from the varieties Moscato White and Moscato Trani. The sparkling wines of the island also have a long tradition and they know great success, introduced to the consumers under the etiquette CAIR of Rodos.