The wines of Ionian Islands present a great variety. Kefalonia produces the PDO Robola of Kefalonia, which is made from the homonym variety, grown in the semi-mountainous regions of the island, at an altitude range from 250 to 800 meters. The region’s wines are often compared to those of Burgundy.

The variety Bertzami in Lefkada produces the local dry red wine, which has high alcohol content (13-14 degrees) and also the highest percentage of anthocyanins ever detected in a Greek variety, offering rich body to the wine.

Verdea, which is produced in Zakynthos, is a wine with Traditional Appellation. It is made from the vinification of the varieties Roditis and Skiadopoulos. This wine has citron highlights, it is transparent and has a refreshing taste. Over the last few years there has been made an effort for the expansion of the cultivation of the local red variety Avgoustiatis.