Central Macedonia is one of the most productive regions of our country regarding winemaking. Its wine history emerges from the mists of time and continues till our day.


For the wine lovers, the word “Goumenissa” has become a synonym for pleasure and quality, and it constitutes a kind of “trademark” of Kilkis’ wine production. Goumenissa is the place where the famous homonym red wine is produced, which is PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and it often contains not only the principal variety of xinomavro but also the native variety Negoska. Since 2009, in the region of Kilkis, are also produced the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) wines Plagies Paikou. Goumenissa is not the only region that produces high-quality wines in the prefecture of Kilkis. It is also Eidomeni, Plagia, Fanos, Hamilo Axioupolis, Skra, where wine makers cultivate the variety Tsapourno.


Imathia is a byword for good wine and its town Naoussa holds the primacy in wine production, deservedly called “The wine town”.

With Xinomavro-Naoussa as their “weapon”, the region’s wine makers make their own significant history in the field of Greek wine. Naoussa’s vineyards produce the PDO wine Naoussa. Also, important vinicultures can be found in the eastern side of Vermio, while Emathia’s vineyards as a whole produce the PGI wines Imathia.


Kallikrateia is considered Halkidiki’s “ace” concerning the wine production field of this particular peninsula. Nevertheless, Sithonia and Holy Mountain display very important wines too. That is where the PGI wines Halikidiki are produced. In the vineyard of Sithonia are produced the PGI Sithonia and the PDO Plagies Melitona. Respectively, in Holy Mountain is produced the PGI Agion Oros.



Vissaltia and Emmanouil Pappas municipality hold the primacy in the wine production of Serres Prefecture, which, alongside its long tradition in ouzo production, begins to make a remarkable trajectory in the field of wine.



Pella has a rich tradition in wine making, and its wine production center is the region of Giannitsa. Vinicultures also exist in Aridaia, where wine making is combined with wine tourism. In Pella is also produced the homonymous wine PGI Pella.



The fields of wine growing and wine producing show positive growth in Pieria, principally in the regions of Pydna and Petra, while the town of Kolindros also presents an important development. The vineyards of Pieria produce the wines PGI Pieria.